Saturday, 19 April 2014

Joffre Lakes Trail

~ nota bene : one of the three beautiful Joffre Lakes is depicted in my blog background ~
This day hike takes about 4 hours return and takes you up into the alpine of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.
I did this hike last summer with a couple of friends from Whistler. It's a bit of a drive to get there (especially if you're leaving from Vancouver like I was) but the 3 lakes are stunning!  
The trail head is off of the Duffey Lake Road, past Pemberton, on the way to Lillooet.
As soon as you enter and walk a few minutes you get a view of the first lake.
It's really worth it to hike to the third though and you can stop and have a swim in the second if you're brave enough...however these are glacier fed lakes so the water is LITERALLY breathtaking.
This hike had some steep sections and it's a bit of a workout but my friend who came with me was extremely hungover and made it so I'm sure you can too.
There are camping areas around the third lake so if you're willing to carry all of your gear up to the top you are rewarded with million-dollar-view camping spot.
Also, the day we went there were mad bugs so I'd recommend some bug spray!
Middle Joffre Lake

quick dip

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