Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Long Way Home - Singing Pass

Last weekend my Dad invited me up to Whistler for the day. 
We got some fresh laps on Peak but by mid-day everything was tracked so we decided to hike up Flute.
To get to Flute you head right off of Symphony Chairlift and then hike for about 30-45 minutes.
It's definitely worth the effort because once you're at the top you can go down any untouched face and then it's only a short way back to Symphony Chairlift.

This particular day however, my dads friend suggested we go right, down into Singing Pass, instead of going left down Flute like usual.
I was unaware of the journey necessary to make it back to the village once you get into Singing Pass so I went along with them.
The ride down was great, 30cm of fresh snow all to ourselves. 
Once we got to the bottom we began following a cross-country-esque single-track trail.
If you're on skis (like my dad and his friends were) this trail is not to difficult. I however, was on a snowboard so had to push myself with one foot strapped in along this narrow path.
At first it was okay because we were in a beautiful, secluded area surrounded by mossy snow covered trees and I figured the hardest part would be over soon.
It wasn't.
Over an hour had passed and I was still pushing along this single track, legs burning, cursing my dad with every step.

Eventually (11km later) we made it back to Whistler Village and headed straight to the GLC for burgers and beer.

As we were taking off our equipment two skiers showed up and said "Oh man were you the snowboarder who came back from singing pass? We saw the footprints and couldn't believe it ! "

Neither could I.
Trail back from Singing Pass

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  1. No doubt -
    Long Way home
    for them unbelievers...
    but, yet, we can certainly
    show them the Way.
    God bless your indelible soul.