Friday, 28 March 2014

Dog Mountain

A very nice hike in both summer and winter (and spring and fall) is Dog Mountain up Seymour.
The entrance is at the far end of the parking lot near mystery chairlift.
It's about a 40 minute hike in the summer and maybe 30 minutes in the winter...
Once you get to the Dog mountain lookout you can see all of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains.
Not too shabby.
Me and my dawgz heading up Dog Mountain

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This must be stopped !

Canada Day at Cat Lake

Determined to go on a Canada Day Camping trip despite the rain, two girlfriends and I headed to Cat Lake, a spot we'd heard of just off of the Sea to Sky.
We left much later than planned due to events that took place the night before, but after driving through Squamish and then following a very muddy and pot hole ridden road, we eventually found the Cat Lake Parking lot.
You aren't able to park right at the camping area so wheelbarrows are supplied to assist you in taking your belongings to your desired spot. After scoping the scene we found a decent sized spot and the three of us hauled our things from the parking lot to our home for the next 2 nights.
We set up our tent in the pouring rain but were not able to light a fire.
Later that night a male stripper found us and after trying to help us make a fire (unsuccessfully), calling us a bunch of lesbians and giving us a strip tease, he invited us over to his campsite to share a fire with him and his friends.
The next day we ventured around the Lake (not too large) and went swimming.
Even though it was not the best weather it was still a very beautiful spot.
Our second night there got a bit wild so I will not go into the details. However, I will say that the stripper was not the only one getting nude around the campfire.
Cat Lake. Do it.
Cat Lake 

Heaven on Earth - Anderson Beach

I was a bit reluctant to share this camping spot because it is so amazing but I decided it had to be done...
Anderson Beach is out in the Squamish Valley off of "Magee Road".
The first time I went here was for my 21st birthday and thankfully I was with someone who'd been there before because according to google maps "Magee Road" was some residential street in the middle of Squamish.
I remember driving by all these houses telling my friends it was "around there somewhere".
Luckily a guy we were with navigated us out of the town of Squamish and down a beautiful winding country road which eventually lead us to the REAL "Magee Road". After we parked and unpacked all of our stuff we walked down the 10 minute trail and ended up on a stunning beach right along the Squamish river.
There were a few other groups camping but since this isn't a private/pay campground we ventured out along the beach until we found the ideal spot to set up camp.
Beers were cracked and hallucinogens may or may not have been taken once we'd found our spot.
To say the least, it was a very magical and memorable experience. 
I have been back to Anderson Beach a couple of times since my first experience and it never disappoints. 

Anderson Beach

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

numero uno - quarry rock

This 40 minute hike up Quarry Rock, now often referred to as "Tourist Rock",  gives you a stunning view of Deep Cove, Indian Arm and, on a clear day, Downtown Vancouver off in the distance.
Whether you were aware or not, you've probably already seen a photo of this lookout on someones instagram or tinder account and perhaps you've even been fortunate enough to witness it in person.
Though this Hike is pretty "played" if you will, it is still a beautiful one and despite how many times the view has been captured, it never really gets old.
Foggy Day up the Rock

Hello World

This Blog "water and wood" is dedicated to bringing you information about various hiking trails and camping spots.
The Majority of these will be trails around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and are easily accessible. Ideally I will eventually be posting camping and hiking destinations all over the world.
If you have any questions or suggestions I'm all ears.

Hike up your life !
Sorry I couldn't resist...