Saturday, 10 May 2014

Four Lanes

I took a trip to Tofino last week to visit some friends and while we were there we went camping.
The place we went is called four lanes and is not an offical camping area. From Tofino you drive back towards Nanaimo about 30 minutes and then you take a right on to an old logging road for a few minutes and then you end up at the bridge. It was a bit too cold to jump in when we went but usually people jump off. From the bridge you can see the camping area or "gravel pit''. To get to the camping spot from the bridge you probably need a car with four-wheel drive. I took my moms Suzuki and somehow made it but there are definitley some sketchy parts...
Once you make it to the camping area you get an amazing view of the bridge and a small swimming area. This is not a well known spot so pretty much anything goes once you get there. Anyways I shouldn't say anymore or else this spot might not be such a secret the next time I go back !

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