Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Vargas Island

We're not in Kansas anymore

Vargas is an Island just a 10 minute boat ride away from Tofino. Rumour had it that there was a beach you could sometimes surf at when the conditions were right, so 6 of us decided to spend the night there to celebrate a friends birthday. Since the guys were all bringing surfboards they boated straight to the beach where we were going to camp. However, there wasn't enough room for all of us in the boat so they dropped myself and 2 other girls off on the other side of the Island and made us hike there (we didn't really mind...).

A small wooden sign reading 'Ahous Bay' marked the trail-head so we cracked some ciders and embarked on our adventure. The trail takes you to the other side of the island but you go through so many different types of eco-systems and vegetation. It is really beautiful. There are warnings of wolves on Vargas so we were a bit spooked at times but luckily had no encounters. About an hour later after walking through bogs, boardwalks, wooden bridges and bushwhacking we arrived on a deserted beach.

The only instructions we'd been given were to keep walking right along the beach and then look for hanging buoys in trees that marked the connecting trails. The three of us continued our trek for another 2 hours. Alternating between walking along wild beaches to weaving though thick overgrown trails, crawling under fallen trees and climbing over intricate root systems. Eventually, a little tipsy, we arrived at our destination and saw that the boys were already surfing.

The rest of the trip was very dreamy but basically this is what happened :  we ate, we drank, we explored, we saw a sunset that lasted for hours, we got buzzed by a float plane, had a bonfire and went skinny dipping in phosphorescence.  A lot of other amazing things happened that day and continued into the night but me explaining them wont do any justice... you'll just have to experience Vargas for yourself ;)

pathway to paradise

meeting new friends along the way

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